DISAF is 100% committed to data protection. That’s why we welcome the General Data Protection Regulation (also known as the GDPR), which was recently approved and adopted by the European Union (EU).

What is the GDPR?

The GDPR is a regulation intended to strengthen and unify data protection for all individuals within the European Union (EU). It aims to protect the fundamental right to privacy and the protection of personal data.

DISAF and the GDPR


Customer trust is our absolute top priority. We know that users worldwide care deeply about their privacy and data security.

We are dedicated to data protection consistently and are committed to reinforce this more and more.

What are we doing to ensure data protection for all our customers?


  • Disaf email signup services are completed through a secure server (HTTPS/SSL). We use a 3rd party to send emails and made sure of their compliance. 

  • Disaf is using tools to allow the right to access information and the right to be forgotten, which meet GDPR requirements. 

  • Disaf uses cryptography hash functions to protect your information. Your information is stored as a hash digest and, in the event of a security breach, your information cannot be recovered from our servers.  

  • Disaf does not share or does not sell any of your information with 3rd parties. 

  • Disaf's server is highly secured & encrypted. Here is the information we can collect and how your information is stored:

    • Your fingerprint is stored as a hash digest and is not accessible or recoverable from our servers. The fingerprint is used by the ATM to confirm that the person who does the transaction and access the money are the same. It protects you from thief. 

    • We only collect your name, country and ID number from your ID and store it on an encrypted server. We can remove this information on demand. A trace of your transactions will stay on records, but further use of this ID will not be possible without re-registration.

    • The email is used to confirm the registration. It is stored on the same encrypted server, and will not be shared to 3rd parties. You will receive occasional email from us, and will be able to opt out of future emails if wanted. 

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